General Guidelines for Videoconferencing
  • Once connected on Videoconferencing, check for audio/video.
  • If there is any problem then kindly inform either thru telephone or by sign language. Also the same should be checked half an hour before the commencement of the VC Session to avoid embarrassing situation in front of the users.
  • Keep the microphone muted when you are not participating in a conference, although connected or when no one is speaking from your end.
  • Increase the audio level of the system to a comfortable level so that when called from some other site, the audio is clearly audible to a near proximity. This saves time in continuously asking for a person or a site to respond.
  • The Conference should be left on TV audio sitting and not in handset mode.
  • In a multipoint conferencing, choose the sequence in which each site will speak by turn to avoid any audio congestion over the network. Avoid speaking simultaneously in a multipoint conference. The conference participants should also be informed about the same to avoid audio congestion and disturbance in a multipoint conference.
  • Most important thing in a multipoint conference is how to manage audio.
  • Most frequent question asked by the guest, during demo sessions are about the services being provided by different NIC centers. All sites may kindly keep material ready for answering this question remotely.
  • The chair should be arranged properly even when the session are not going on and on one is around.
  • Use a one color background curtain for better video quality.
  • Preset Camera position on various sitting positions of the participant’s should be set well in advance so that you don’t have to move the camera manually. This is required to handle the camera movement properly.
  • Avoid excessive movement during the conference. This has a direct impact on the performance of the video quality received at the remote end. The same has to be informed to the users also.
  • Please don’t disturb/touch the microphone while the session is going on and also instruct the same to the participants at your end.
  • Though NIC will strive to provide worldclass service, interruption in service can sometimes occur due to irregularity in satellite link or equipment malfunction. NIC will under such circumstances try to accommodate in alternate time slots.

DO’s & Don’ts for Videoconferencing Session


  • Always go for trial of VC session before any important VC.
  • Always call the State VCCoordinatorin case of technical problems.
  • Always make 3 or 4 presets of your studios.
  • Brief the chairperson about the technical problems when the need arise.
  • Keep the Camera focus on the main chair.
  • Keep the Site Name properly behind the main chair.
  • Always keep the Microphone MUTE when you are not speaking.Keep the Microphone at appropriate place on the table.
  • Always put the Studio light in proper way.
  • Switch off the Mobile Phones while VC session is on.
  • Switch on the System regularly / daily.Keep the Camera and TV remotes at the proper place.

  • Keep the Equipments in dust free environment.

  • Keep the VC Room Clean.

  • Always switch on the system in following order.
         U.P.S. LBAND
         Converter VSAT Camera
  • Always switch off the system in following order.
         Camera VSAT LBAND
         Converter U.P.S.


  • Don’t pick the Microphone in hand. It can sense the voice up to 5 feet.
  • Don’t Move the Microphone on the table.Don’t talk personal issues while VC session is going on.Don’t Switch on the Mobile Phone.Don’t give any extra load on UPS provided for VC system.
  • Don’t move the Camera very frequently, while the VC session is going on.
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